25 Most Influential Investing Blogs (By the Numbers)

At Ask the Advisor, we love reading a good investment-related blog post. Recently, our interest in investing and blogging begged the question: which investing blogs have the biggest reach? With nowhere to turn to answer this question definitively, we thought it would be an interesting exercise to rank all of the blogs in the investment niche.

In ranking the most influential investing blogs, our goal was to show — using objective data from reliable sources — which blogs about investing are the most popular. To this end, we used data for these four metrics to calculate the rankings:

Top 25 (see complete methodology below)

Rank Site Google Alexa Technorati Bloglines Score
1Get Rich Slowly610101036
2My Money Blog510101035
3I Will Teach You To Be Rich6991034
4Consumerism Commentary5109933
5Money, Matter, and More Musings51010732
6Personal Finance Advice4910730
7The Ad-Free Personal Finance Blogs Aggregator588930
8The Sun's Financial Diary599629
11Blogging Away Debt479727
12Neville's Financial Blog576927
13Binary Dollar487625
14Boston Gal's Open Wallet557825
15Not Made of Money476623
16Frugal For Life468523
17Savvy Saver445821
18The Budgeting Babe543921
19Everybody Loves Your Money553720
20Experiments in Finance455519
21Money for the Rest of Us447419
22Daily Speculations363517
23Dedicated to Financial Freedom446317
24Ask Uncle Bill433515
25Finance For Youth634215


To begin, we found a set of Web sites that met a certain criteria. To become a member of the set of Web sites to be ranked, a Web site must, as of August 14, 2007:

For each metric, a score was assigned on a 0–10 scale. For Google PageRank, raw PageRank data was scored. For Alexa Rank, Technorati Authority, and Bloglines Subscribers, the Web sites were broken up into deciles. If a Web site was in the 0>10% decile, a 1 was scored; for the 10>20% decile, a 2 was scored; and so on, up to a 10 being scored for the 90–100% decile. If no data was available, a 0 was scored.

The overall score for each Web site is the sum of the scores of the four metrics. In the event of a tie in overall score, the tie is broken according to the Alexa Rank raw data.

Raw Data for Entire Set

Rank Site Google Alexa Technorati Bloglines
1Get Rich Slowly631,2031,8411,453
2My Money Blog555,600656843
3I Will Teach You To Be Rich673,50059610,859
4Consumerism Commentary553,753448221
5Money, Matter, and More Musings548,382939106
6Personal Finance Advice464,8661,14477
7The Ad-Free Personal Finance Blogs Aggregator586,121282185
8The Sun's Financial Diary562,75464256
11Blogging Away Debt4148,71641696
12Neville's Financial Blog5156,653141417
13Binary Dollar4132,84819853
14Boston Gal's Open Wallet5288,330187171
15Not Made of Money4187,31711146
16Frugal For Life4218,73332432
17Savvy Saver4934,59280167
18The Budgeting Babe51,089,9261245
19Everybody Loves Your Money5590,012071
20Experiments in Finance4542,7454333
21Money for the Rest of Us4685,36317723
22Daily Speculations3275,386040
23Dedicated to Financial Freedom41,043,6228112
24Ask Uncle Bill41,248,652032
25Finance For Youth61,362,733193
26A Penny Saved2271,678017
27AL6400 Blog41,442,180263
28How To Be Poor41,935,5321128
29A Frugal Living Blog by a Frugal Living Guy53,616,4992510
30Capital Ideas4No Data044
31Financial Reflections44,023,372010
32Molly's Brother On A Mission42,985,35607
35The Paranoid Brain33,489,19203
36Indie Mission3No Data02

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